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I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven’t even started it. 


See, in high school I imagined once I got to college I would be driven. Ambitious. Ready to take on anything. I don’t know what happened. I mean, I’m not doing badly by any means- actually I’m doing pretty well. But this is definitely not the feeling I had when I started high school. Freshman year of high school was wildly different than freshman year of college. Not just in terms of maturity, etc, but I just don’t feel as excited. I don’t know why… hmm. 

Well, on to that assignment.



How the world has changed since my last post

So much has happened in the last week, I cannot even begin- but let’s start with the more obvious, important one. Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential elections! This is so exciting, for me, my friends and my family.  For so long my generation has been labeled as the slackers, whiners (generation WHINE), etc etc. It’s the best feeling to know that for the next 8 (crossed fingers!) years, Barack Obama will be the leader of the free world. Think of it; I’ll be 26 when he gets out of office. By that time I’ll probably be out of graduate school, have a career and maybe a husbad, ha. So I’m glad a man like Barack will be my leader, and not John McCain.

I know this post doesn’t make much sense, but I felt this was an important issue to address. I’ll be back with more soon 🙂

First Blog Post, woohoo!

Hey, hi! 

Wow this feels really weird, introducing myself. Hm. It’s always awkward, especially when you’re not sure anyone in particular will see this. Either way, hi, I’m Mayra. Well from the name of my Blog you might be able to tell that I’m from Peru, haha.  Well yes, I am, and I’ve been living in the U.S. for, hm, almost 7 years now? It feels like an eternity.  

Since I don’t happen to be an expert on any particular subject, I’ll be blogging about the one thing I know best- my life. Yes, I will be sharing my experiences in extreme teenage awkwardness in this blog. This awkwardness is probably enhanced by the fact that I’m a stumpy, 5’0” latina going to a college that is predominantly white. Well, what do you expect, this is America. 

Anyway, I hope to continue to update relatively often. If you stumble upon this blog hopefully you’ll come back! 



Trick-or-Treating in College

As I mentioned before, I happen to be 5’0”. This means I can still trick-or-treat and get away with it because I don’t seem that old. Of course being short has its drawbacks (countless), but I’d rather focus on the positive. This year I went t-o-t’ing, and it went AWESOME. And no, I don’t feel bad about taking candy that should be going to little fresh-faced youngster, because you know what? They get candy from everyone, every damn day. College students get nothing. 

Anyway! I noticed that this year everyone seemed a bit stingy with their candy. Most people only gave me one piece, even if they were just tootsie rolls, which in my book don’t count as candy. So my one and only guess is that it’s the economy that made people do this. I mean it couldn’t have possibly been my super-amazing costume. I was a frickin angel for God’s sake, how can you deny candy to an angel? Whatever. One candy is better than no candy. *grumble grumble* Stupid economy, taking away my candy… *grumble grumble*