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First Blog Post, woohoo!

Hey, hi! 

Wow this feels really weird, introducing myself. Hm. It’s always awkward, especially when you’re not sure anyone in particular will see this. Either way, hi, I’m Mayra. Well from the name of my Blog you might be able to tell that I’m from Peru, haha.  Well yes, I am, and I’ve been living in the U.S. for, hm, almost 7 years now? It feels like an eternity.  

Since I don’t happen to be an expert on any particular subject, I’ll be blogging about the one thing I know best- my life. Yes, I will be sharing my experiences in extreme teenage awkwardness in this blog. This awkwardness is probably enhanced by the fact that I’m a stumpy, 5’0” latina going to a college that is predominantly white. Well, what do you expect, this is America. 

Anyway, I hope to continue to update relatively often. If you stumble upon this blog hopefully you’ll come back!